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IDs you can use

North Carolina's photo ID law goes into effect on January 1, 2016.

To vote, you will need one of the following forms of photo identification:

  • NC driver's license or permit
  • NC non-driver's ID card
  • US passport
  • US military or Veteran's ID card
  • Membership card from federal or NC recognized tribe
  • Out of state driver's license
    (Note: Out of state driver's license only valid as a NC voter photo ID if the voter has registered to vote within 90 days of the election)

Getting your ID

You have a right to a no-fee Photo ID for voting, just follow these instructions.

Below are Step-by-Step instructions on how to get a No-Fee Photo ID

To receive a no-fee voter photo ID you must be a registered voter. You can register to vote at the DMV if you're not registered already.

  1. Go to the DMV drivers license office in any county
  2. State "I would like a no fee voter photo ID for voting."
  3. Check list of what to take to the DMV:

If you are currently a registered voter take your voter registration card. This isn't required but may be helpful. You must bring TWO of any of the following (one of the documents must show your date of birth)

  • A driver's license or ID card from another state, less than 1 year expired (even without a photo).
  • Social Security card (the one sent from Social Security — not a copy)
  • W-2 or 1099 tax document.
  • Unexpired passport.
  • Certified birth certificate or marriage certificate, divorce decree, or court approval of a name or gender change or adoption from a government agency in US, US territory, Canada or Puerto Rico.
  • North Carolina school transcript or registration signed by a school official; diploma/GED from a NC school.
  • Unexpired military ID, DD-2, DD-214, Military Dependents Card, or Veteran Universal Access card.
  • Limited driving privilege issued by a NC court that is less than one year expired
  • Valid document from the Department of Homeland Security or US Citizenship and Immigration Services
  • Motor vehicle record from another state or NC
  • United States Court Document for child support, arrest, etc.

You must bring ONE of these documents that shows your street address:

  • Any document issued by the government; including a license, bill, registration card, tax notice, letter or order. Utility bill, including cable or cell phone
  • Housing lease or mortgage document
  • Preprinted financial statement, like W-2 or 1099
  • Official school record (report cards can not be used)
  • North Carolina vehicle insurance policy
  • Letter from homeless shelter

You must provide an accurate Social Security number or a document that shows the number if the DMV is unable to verify your Social Security number (examples: Social Security Card, W2, 1099 or your tax return should all have your social security number on them)

The DMV may let you sign an affidavit if you lack documents (For example: Have one with a maiden name. We recommend bringing a copy of your Marriage License if you are newly married or have a document with your maiden name listed.)

After you present the necessary documents, you will leave the DMV office with a provisional ID and you will receive your photo ID in the mail within a few weeks.

If you were born and/or married in North Carolina and need to obtain a free birth or marriage certificate contact the Register of Deeds office in your county or you can contact the NC State Department of Vital Records in Raleigh at 919-855-4800.

Download your 'HOW TO GET A NO-FEE VOTER PHOTO ID' checklist

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